DAY 7 – Dallas Buyers Club

by 12daysofmovies

Same Aids

Man, I love this town. I keep getting older, and the girls just stay the same AIDS. Wait…that’s not it….

Oh no! Shit! Dammit! Another movie I actually like! How can I make fun of it? Shit!

Dallas Buyers Club is a great movie. It just is. There are no ridiculous fake accents, all the actors do a great job, Matthew McConaughey lost a lot of weight, the story is riveting. Shit! Why? Why did I watch it? No!

OK, so the movie.

Ron Woodruff, whose life the movie is based on, was a real person, and most of the information gathered on him was collected by one of the screenwriters for the film, Craig Borten. Borten recorded a reported 20 hours of interviews with Woodruff a month before he died of AIDS in 1992. It took 20 years to get this movie made!

Anyway, the Dallas Buyers Club was an illegal venture by Woodruff to get experimental AIDS treatment drugs from all over the world to people suffering from the disease in Dallas, because the only drug fully approved in the US at the time, AZT, had some pretty nasty side effects. But before that, he loses all his friends, hits rock bottom, all that good stuff. It’s fun! Also, when the movie moves towards the lawsuits and dealings with the FDA and DEA, unlike in American Hustle trying to depict the ABSCAM controversy, you actually kind of understand the gravity of the situation. Thousands of people’s lives were at stake.

As I began to mention earlier, all of the acting in the film is completely non-transparent. Even Bradford Cox from Deerhunter comes in and like, really nails his part. And Jared Leto, who I want to hate so much, plays a really convincing gay transvestite. What the hell! This isn’t funny! Shit! Please help!

So yeah, try to see this movie. It’s a good ‘un. Expect to see it mentioned in the…wait…am I doing this now?

Yes I am.

I am now officially announcing the 12 Days of Movies Awards, which will be handed out on the 13th day, after all the movies are watched. Some categories to be expected are: Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Tit, Worst Movie, Most Befuddlingly Bad Acting Performance, Worst Writing, Most Odd Side Effect Depicted of Drug Use, and much, much more!


1) From now on I’m watching the worst movies I can find, or at least the most non-pretentious, blockbuster wannabe type films. Frozen, Thor 2, god, I wish Robocob were out already.

2) What’s fun to do in Los Angeles? Or in California in general. These past few days I’ve just been sitting inside, staring at the walls, reading YA fiction. I need some goals here. I thought writing about 12 Days of Movies would take up all of my time, but really I should have known better. I can somehow half-ass just about anything.

3) I’ve already planned out half my Frozen! post. I haven’t seen the movie yet, nor do I even know what it’s about. That isn’t stopping me from coming up with ideas.

4) Jennifer Garner has some ears on her, huh?

5) I think Dallas Buyers Club really works well on a lot of levels. It somehow manages to address the painful and time-appropriate truths about the capitalistic nature of our healthcare industry, homophobia, desperation in the face of death, the questionable wisdom of new-agey type medicine, and above all how crazy it must have been to experience the beginnings of the AIDS epidemic, when just a spirit of death was moving through the world, just seemingly selecting people at random and ripping families and communities apart. Before this, the sexual revolution of the 60’s was left unchecked, and then after, as seen in ole Matty McConaughey’s character’s struggle with his libido, one suddenly feels like it’s better to keep it in your pants.

Have you ever found a bump where there shouldn’t be a bump? Or maybe some odd discoloration, something silently taking root in your body, changing it? And how awful and confusing that felt? Now, imagine if your blood was suddenly ravaging itself because of something reckless you did three years ago, which is when Roodruff, as he indicates in his interviews, thinks he contracted HIV.

In the movie, after he’s diagnosed, even though the main character is in denial for a bit, he still refuses to pass on the disease in any way, and it’s all very riveting to watch, to watch this character be forced to change (from a seeming sex-addict type) by sudden and extreme circumstances. I like this idea, whereas in most narrative fiction we’re taught to make the character change slowly, in this, a snap of the fingers and then BAM! change now or be a monster! It’s a fascinating narrative shift.