DAY 10 – Blue Jasmine

by 12daysofmovies


“So stop worrying, and let me have you sign a bunch of incriminating documents making it lucky for you to even walk away penniless like you ultimately will.” – Alec Baldwin


How the hell can Woody Allen make a new movie every single year? Not just make, but write and direct. I can’t even walk into a gym on an annual basis. I don’t think I even lifted a single weight last year. I wrote a screenplay once. It was horrible. And that was 4 years ago. Oh, and I tried to direct a short film one time too. It was too much work, so I gave up. 

It was a short film. 

So, for Woody Allen to shit out movie after movie, year after year, and have some of them (including that incredible run starting with Annie Hall) be truly special, is incredible and infuriating. I love and hate Woody Allen. The man is something like 14 times my age and he probably makes love more vigorously and energetically than I could even imagine, to this day. Every year, a new movie of his comes out, and the question always is, “is it good?” Apparently Blue Jasmine is one of the good ones. 

His 2011 offering, Midnight in Paris, though also dealing with the empty social lives of the ultra rich, was a film full of wide-eyed optimism and pure bliss. But Blue Jasmine is just the opposite, and it truly is a tragedy in the classic sense.

“I’ll sign anything, I’m very trusting,” Cate Blanchett says fatefully, the latest actor to stand in for Woody Allen’s classic neurotic character, this time, a spoiled-rotten New York socialite (named Jasmine) hitting rock bottom after her Bernie Madoff-esque husband (Alec Baldwin) gets caught squandering other people’s investments. Allen’s writing is so distinctive that you can hear his voice speaking these words, and its always fun to see him peaking through his actor’s performances.

Again, I really hate this guy. 

Speaking of Cate Blanchett, she is really great in this movie. Her American accent is better than mine (she’s Australian), and only slightly worse than Alec Baldwin’s.

Also, good things keep happening for Louis C.K., who has been in two of my 12 movies so far, and two of the high-classed ones, at that (A David O. Russell and this Woody Allen movie). So, we can add him to my list of hate. 


1) We have a new entry for The 12 Days of Movies Best Tit Award in the form of one of Alec Baldwin’s pre-divorce mistresses’ appearance without a bra at some party.

2) It’s funny that Cate Blanchett plays the Blanche character in this movie openly based on Street Car Named Desire. Is this funny? Maybe I forgot what funny means.

3) I know these blogs keep getting shorter. I’m losing it, people. Really losing it. 

4) I just want this to be over.

5) I hate all movies now.

6) Is it possible to just hate an entire art form? Are movies art? Or just these soundtracked series of images that I stupidly vowed to write 12 blogs about? What’s the difference, really? 

7) Merry Christmas!